Brouillet Students Dance to Raise Funds
Brouillet Students Dance to Raise Funds
Posted on 03/30/2018

Speakers blared energetic music as students at Brouillet Elementary danced on a Friday afternoon. The lights in the gym were not the ones students were used to seeing as everyone’s white shirts glowed throughout the room under the blacklights. Glow bracelets around students’ wrists added a more colorful glow to the room full of fun and energy.

Parker Anselmi, a sixth grader at Brouillet, said, “I really enjoyed being in the gym with all of our friends and having that time to not only dance and raise money for our school but to hang out with friends having a good time being silly and dancing.”

These students were participating in a fundraiser put on by the Apex Leadership Company. Apex Leadership Company has put on several events in years past, including the Fun Run, at Brouillet and many other Puyallup schools.

The event starts off for the first two weeks with a focus on leadership building. At the end of the two weeks, students participate in a fun and energetic activity such as the Fun Run in years past.

Curran Scott, owner of Apex Leadership Company said, “We’re teaching leadership lessons every day, we’re hanging out with kids at lunch and at PE, and we would normally end the two-week program with the Fun Run. But we’ve been doing this for years and although students have loved it, we’ve done the Fun Run several years in a row. That’s why now we have the dance-a-thon, known as Apex Remix, and at some schools they will start doing a Serve-a-thon as well.”

After several years of seeing successful Fun Run events, Brouillet wanted to try out something new for the students. Apex Remix was the perfect opportunity for students to try something different this year while still getting to fundraise for their school.

Nancy Strobel, principal at Brouillet, said, “We have done the Fun Run for about three years now, and this was the first year that Apex was offering something new so we decided we would try something a little different.”

Students were not only engaged in lessons of leadership, but also in physical activity, while raising money for their school.

This year, students were able to raise $15,490. At last year’s Fun Run students raised $17,400 to go back into Brouillet to benefit students.

The funds from these events have gone back into Brouillet in multiple ways. The Brouillet Parent Teacher Association (PTA) have given funds to teachers for classroom supplies, to the school for special events, to classes for field trips, and many others. Last year for instance, the PTA used donations to purchase new technology for the classrooms.

Because of the partnership between Brouillet staff, Brouillet PTA, and the Apex Leadership Company, students have had a chance to make a difference in their school while learning skills to grow as a leader in their community and to be engaged and having fun with their peers.

“I think all PTAs are super supportive of kids, and Brouillet PTA in particular is always looking for ways to support our kids and teachers. One thing I love about our PTA is that a focus for them is to be inclusive of all kids. So, with Apex, every student gets a t-shirt and every student gets to participate in this event which was a huge selling point for our PTA that all kids are included,” said Strobel.