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Bobcat Choir

Are you a 4th-6th grader who loves to sing?  Do you hum walking to school or remember every word to your favorite song? Then BobCat Choir is for you!  Participating in Choir is an amazing opportunity to come together and sing, build community, and make music together. 

BobCat Choir is an before school musical opportunity for intermediate students to have fun singing together.
The choir is split into two practice groups that meet Tuesdays or Wednesdays 8:00-8:45am on the stage  

Bobcat Choir is led by Brouillet’s 2-6 grade Music Specialist, Gina Sabia. Please email her with any questions about Choir at
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The 2021-2022 Choir Sign up and Student Contract can be found below. 

   2021-2022 Bobcat Choir 

 All  4th5th and 6th graders are welcome to join! 


Hello Bobcats! 

 My name is Ms. Sabia and I am one of the general music teachers here at Brouillet Elementary. I am excited to continue the legacy of choir at Brouillet. All 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students at Brouillet are invited to join the Brouillet Bobcat Choir for the 2021-2022 school year. We will meet on the stage at Brouillet Tuesday and Wednesday MORNINGS 8:00-8:45am. District transportation is not provided for this extracurricular activity. Students should be dropped off ready for choir promptly at 8:00am 

  Brouillet Choir is split into two teams: The Bobs rehearse Tuesdays and the Cats rehearse Wednesdays. Each team is limited to 40 members and will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.  Please note that if school is delayed due to weather conditions, choir will be cancelled for the day. As mentioned above, Brouillet Bobcat Choir will be split into teams. The Bobs will begin rehearsing on Tuesday, October 5th and Cats will begin rehearsing on Wednesday October 6th  Our rehearsals will prepare us for a virtual performance for students and families sent by  Thursday December 9th Concert attire is white on top and blue on the bottom (e.g. white shirt and blue pants: jeans ok). We may decide on choir T shirts this year. If so, students should wear their choir T shirt for performances. More information including T shirt sizes and pricing will follow.  

Due the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic all choir participants will be required to wear a 3 layer surgical mask during rehearsal. They can swap it with their school mask or just place the surgical mask on top. Masks will be provided however you are welcome to send one with your choir participant. Donations of surgical masks are also helpful. In addition to masking protocol we are unable to gather for performances at this time (subject to change). To share the great work going on in Choir we will be doing  virtual performances. Please provide a good email address that the virtual performance link can be shared with. Also, if you have concerns about your child on video please indicate on the form below.  

Every student choosing to join Choir must commit to consistent rehearsal and performance attendance from October through December (fall season).  Because every rehearsal is critical to the success of the group, any student who is absent (excused or unexcused) for more than 2 of their assigned team’s rehearsals during one season will not be able to finish out that season with the Choir.  They are welcome to join again when we begin our winter season on January 9th or 10th .  Choir attendance awards will be given at the end of the year to those students who have successfully participated and fulfilled their commitment to Chorus during BOTH the fall and spring seasons. Choir rehearsals are for choir members only. Due to space and supervision issues we cannot be responsible for younger siblings during rehearsal time. Please make transportation arrangements for younger siblings on choir days.    

 Thank you and I look forward to a fantastic season with the Brouillet Bobcat Choir!!!!! 


Mrs. Gina Sabia 
Brouillet Bobcat Choir Director 
(Please detach and return to Mrs. Sabia by September 24th) 


My child has permission and will be a committed participant in the Brouillet Bobcat Choir rehearsals every Tuesday or Wednesday before school (8:00-8:45am), as well as at the virtual performance on December 9th.   I understand that transportation is not provided for this extra-curricular opportunity. I understand that choir cannot be responsible for younger sibling supervision.  


Student’s Name_________________________  Parent/Guardian Name ___________________________________ 


Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________Phone Number(s) _________________________ 


Student’s Classroom Teacher ________________________Email Address _____________________________ 


Preferred Team (please circle one)  Tuesday      Wednesday        Either   








Fall Rehearsal Dates 2021 


BOBs: Tuesday 8:00-8:45am 

CATs: Wednesday 8:00-8:45am 


Friday September 24th - Choir Forms Due! 

Tuesday October 5th- BOBS 

Wednesday October 6th- CATS 

Tuesday October 12th- BOBS 

Wednesday October 13th- CATS 

Tuesday October 19th- BOBS 

Wednesday October 20th- Cats 

Tuesday October 26th  - BOBS 

Wednesday October 27th   CATS-  


Tuesday November 2nd - BOBS 

Wednesday November 3rd - Cats 

Tuesday November 9th- Bobs 

Wednesday November 10th- Cats 

Tuesday November 16th- Bobs 

Wednesday November 17th - Cats-  

Tuesday November 23rd - Bobs 

Wednesday November 24th- Cats- NO CHOIR THANKSGIVING BREAK 

Tuesday November 30th- Bobs 


Wednesday December 1st- Cats 

Tuesday December 7th - Bobs- Concert Recording Session- all student aim to be present 

Wednesday December 8th- Cats- Concert Recording Session- all student aim to be present 

Thursday December 9th- Virtual Concert Sent out 



If you have any questions or need to excuse an absence please email me at 


* Choir will resume January 11th and run though March 30th* If you choose to return for the spring season please fill out an additional permission slip coming home in December.  


Keep this page for your records