InfoQuest - Are You Up For The Challenge!

Starting on March 30th, I am starting a research challenge...I challenge YOU to correctly answer one question every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while we are not at Brouillet.

The Rules:
1) One question will be posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
2) Yes, you can look up the answer!
3) Fill out the form to answer the question.
4) Yes, I will let you know if you got it correct or not. If not, you ARE allowed to look it up again and resubmit!
I will send you a message in Schoology if you did NOT get it correct (once I look at the answers...)

Questions  (Good luck and happy researching!) 

Click on the question to answer it!

March 30 - What is a mahout?

April 1 - What is ONE important event that happened on April 1st? What year?

April 3 - If you were served an insipid ice cream cone, would you ask for seconds? Why or why not?

April 15 - Which Canadian city is closer to the North Pole: Vancouver, BC or Montreal, Quebec?

April 17 - What is a synonym (another word) for strange?

April 20 - What is the difference between an ayah and a nannie?

April 22 - Solve the following problem: The number of wheels on a unicycle + the number mentioned in the title of the book that won the Newbery Medal in 1995 = The number of feet in a yard.  (Please format your answer as a math problem - example: 15 + 22 = 37)

April 24 - NO QUESTION...take a break!

April 27 - Who and when was the first pirate?

April 29 - What is special about the front legs of a bee?

May 1 - What is special about May 1st?

May 4 - What animals did the visual effects crew study when designing the Imperial Walkers from "The Empire Strikes Back"?

May 6 - What was the shape of the table associated with King Arthur and his Knights?   "The Knights of the _______ Table"

May 8 - Where is couscous served and what is it?

May 11 - What is a synonym (another word) for gambol?

May 13 - Dr. Seuss was born in Springfield, a town in the same state as Boston. What state is this?

May 15 - What type of animal is Arthur? (from the books by Marc Brown)

May 18 - Solve the following math problem:  The number of musicians in a nonet + The number of legs on an insect = The number of sides on a quindecagon  (Please format your answer as a math problem - example: 15 + 22 = 37)

May 20 - How does a flying dragon fly?

May 22 - What is an antonym (opposite) for the word pretty?

May 25 - NO QUESTION...take a break!

May 27 - What is the book written by Roald Dahl about a very large fruit?

May 29 - What is the best way to be frugal?

June 1 - What is the last word in the Declaration of Independence?

June 3 - Solve the following math problem:  The number of points scored for a field goal in football + The number of strokes under par represented by an eagle in golf + The number of hockey goals required for a hat trick + The number of bowling balls required for a spare + The number of strokes over par represented by a bogey in golf = The number of players on a soccer team  (Please format your answer as a math problem - example: 15 + 22 = 37)

June 5 - How many products did George Washington Carver make from peanuts?

June 8 - In what year did Mickey Mouse first appear in cartoons?  Who provided his voice?

June 10 - Where did velcro originate (begin)?

June 12 - What type of character is Corduroy? (from the books by Don Freeman)  --- this is the END of this year's questions. I hope you had fun! See you next school year!